My Venn Diagram: Design Research & Art-Making
Massachusetts College of Art, 621 Huntington Ave, Boston
Brant Gallery, South Hall, 3rd Floor
Thursday, February 20th, 2014 at 7 pm

February 2014. During this lecture, sponsored by Artists in Context, I'll share different artworks of mine that use tools from Design Research and Human Centered Design. I use these in my art practice to engage topics far removed from my own life experiences—such as gang violence, life-threatening illness, and wedding planning—as well as topics closer to home. I'll explain why they are a natural fit for me, and how they can be valuable resources for those making Socially Engaged Art.

The lecture will take place in the Brant Gallery, which has been repurposed as a studio and research lab for my current in-process project, Strangers & Kin, which explores creativity and makers. Free and open to the public.



MassArt student Cassandra Gossett at work, Brant Gallery

Strangers & Kin:
Artists, designers, and those in between

A collaborative art and research project
Brant Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art
January 27 – February 21, 2014

January 2014. My beloved alma mater, Massachusetts College of Art, has invited me to repurpose their Brant Gallery into a working studio and collaborative design lab. My subject of inquiry is creativity, in its most broad sense. Here I'll continue the work I began while in residency at Stockholm's Nordisk Gästateljé, with the assistance and input of this richly creative and diverse community. Together we'll interview one another, gather insights and ideas, and brainstorm new ideas.

The gallery is situated among the classrooms and studios of the first year Studio Foundations program, and the residency conveniently coincides with the students' deadline to declare a major. I figure it'll be the perfect time to have company in my reflections on the differences and similarities, personal rewards and pains of making in its many forms.

Generously supported by MassArt's Studio Foundation Department, as well as its staff and students.



Swedish Interactive Institute
Kista, Sweden

November 2013. The dynamic team at Interactive Institute invited me to discuss my artwork, The Labyrinth, which was a social intervention on the topic of violence, conducted in collaboration with the social justice organization Design Studio for Social Intervention in Boston. For that research-intensive project, I used the tools and processes of design research to create a provocative performance event on the grounds of a high school that has had significant exposure to violence. In the lecture and following discussion we explored how art can leverage the human-centered design approach to address complex problems in the public sphere.

Interactive Institute Swedish ICT is an experimental IT and design research institute that conducts world-class applied research and innovation, and is dedicated to the creation of ground-breaking user experiences.



Studio view, Nordisk Gästateljé
Photo: Joel Hurlburt

Nordisk Gästateljé, Stockholm, Sweden
October – November 2013

November 2013. I've been at the artist residency at Nordisk Gästateljé, working with the Stockholm arts community and Konstfack, Sweden's largest university college of arts, crafts and design.

In an effort to make sense of my own multiple creative personalities (potter, conceptual artist, designer, etc.), my newest project, titled Strangers & Kin, explores the following question: What is at the core of all creative work, the common bond between makers? And what divides us into separate paths of making: art, craft, design, and the smaller factions within these larger categories? The project has given me license to repurpose the tools of Human Centered Design and Design Research to interview a wide range of creative people: painters, potters, actors, sculptors, street artists, industrial designers, and many more.

Sincere thanks for the generous support of the Nordic Art Association, and deep gratitude to all those who have welcomed me into their homes and studios to be interviewed.



The Digital Canvas: Art Beyond Gallery Walls
Panelists from left: Aditya Julk, Lindsay Moroney, Kelly Sherman,
Sam Aquillano, Jeff Lieberman, and Evan Garza.
Photo: Jeremy Cimafonte

Hacking Arts
MIT Media Lab
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
September 28 - 29, 2013

September 2013. I was very happy to join a distinguished panel at Hacking Arts, "MIT's first annual festival and hackathon exploring the intersection of arts and entertainment, technology, and entrepreneurship." The weekend event included presentations and discussions from those involved in the visual and performing arts, music, fashion, design, TV and film. The panel I participated in, The Digital Canvas: Art Beyond Gallery Walls, featured Aditya Julka, co-founder of Paddle 8; Lindsay Moroney, Vice President of Operations at artnet; myself; Sam Aquillano, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Design Museum Boston; Jeff Lieberman, kinetic sculpture artist and former host of Time Warp, Discovery Channel; and Evan Garza, Co-Founder of Fire Island Artist Residency, and Exhibitions and Public Programs Coordinator at the School of the Museum of Fine Art. They were also true to their word that they wouldn't "just talk about the future" but work to create it; the hackathon segment of the weekend was full of energy, as groups worked to generate ideas and prototypes for new technology-based ventures and projects in the creative industries.

BostonInno article by Gillis Bernard, September 30, 2013
"There's been a new culture emerging that's essentially tech native, but creative, in the arts and in entertainment … Boston's art community is less saturated and structured compared to the scenes in competitor cities New York City and San Francisco, meaning there's space for mobility between immature and more established movements in teach and art, across all sectors."

WBUR article, Coders And Creatives Intersect At MIT’s Hacking Arts by Franklin Einspruch, October 3, 2013
"A group of insiders, indeed, perpetrators of the transition in the art world from in-person viewing and collecting to web-based viewing and collecting talked on the panel “The Digital Canvas: Art Beyond the Gallery Walls” ... it was interesting to hear them say that the in-person experience of art remained supreme in everyone’s opinion, theirs included. The mediated, digital experience of art was an imperfect substitute, but nevertheless one that enables more people to enjoy the original work of art, even if in a reduced way."

Harvard Crimson article by Gökcan Demirkazik, October 7, 2013
"I got a behind-the-scenes look at how interdisciplinary crossroads like MIT are tailoring our futures and fostering creative thinkers who will have direct impacts on our lives in innumerable ways, through projects like the robotic opera and new softwares that capitalize on the intersection of arts and social media."



Kelly Sherman
Couple (Louisa/Chuck)
Gold leaf, gouache, and enamel
on paper
19-1/2 x 9-3/4 inches

The Park Plaza Castle, Boston
Saturday, October 5, 2013

August 2013. "Love art. Fight AIDS." Since its founding twenty-five years ago, ARTcetera has grown to become one of New England’s premier art auctions and an essential funding source for AIDS Action. This auction raises funds to fight the epidemic by preventing new infections and optimizing the health of those living with HIV. The piece I'm donating is part of a series of works focused on couples and the complex nuances of intimacy. Online ticket purchases, artwork viewing, and bidding are are still in the works. Stay posted.



Kelly Sherman
Graphic tape and vinyl lettering on layered vellum
19 x 24 inches

6 Creative Uses of Sentence Diagramming by Arika Okrent
mental_floss magazine
August 8, 2013

August 2013. Linguist and author Arika Okrent has included my work in a blog post on the magazine mental_floss, which covers a wide array of catchy topics. Highlighted by Okrent are some ways that sentence diagrams—the once a widespread technique for teaching kids how to analyze the structure of a sentence— have made their way into creative forms outside the classroom. Also included are diagramming-loving artists Nicholas Knight, Robert Cumming, and Kevin Huizenga. Perhaps most rewarding was the introduction to the incredible work (including that of Robert Cumming) that was created in the twin cities of Minnesota during the 1960s and 1970s, as explained by Peggy Weil, a digital media designer and artist.



Tayllor: An Etsy shop by Kelly Sherman

July 2013. After years of making pottery, I've finally decided to go public. For those interested in the simple beauty of utilitarian objects, I'm sharing my work in a new section of my website as well as via a store on Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade goods. The shop is named Tayllor, a variation of my middle name which I cherished when I was first learning to throw as a fourteen year old. Since my start in highschool, I have apprenticed with a master potter in Japan, taught students at MIT, and worked with an incredible array of talented artists who have informed my craft tremendously.



Kelly Sherman
To Move (Ours. Mine.)
Photoetching in two states
presented as a diptych
20-1/4 x 4 inches
Edition of 60
Publisher: Center Street Studio

April 21 – July 20, 2013

April 2013. The online gallery (Wo)manorial has included a print of mine in their group show HisHers, an exhibition of artists who "address associations of the masculine and feminine." Included in the innovative exhibition format which leverages the presentation tool Prezi are artists Haley Kattner Allen, Javier Arcenillas and Cristina de Middel, Molly Brodak, LauraLee Brott, Kate Colin, Matthew Cox, Carrie Crumbley, Sarah Eisenlohr, Emily Kendal Frey, Elizabeth Hamilton, EJ Hill, Hillerbrand+Magsamen, Kasper A. Holm, Alevtina Kakhidze, Gabriela Ochoa, Arthur Peña, Melissa Scherrer, Leslie Schomp, Alëna Skarina, Elissa Stafford, Alison Starr, and Jessica Yatrofsky



Patient Translations
Kennedy Center, Washington DC
April 16–19, 2013

April 2013. Sound artist Halsey Burgund and I bring a second iteration of our collaborative audio and visual artwork Patient Translations to TEDMED. While TED is a nonprofit devoted to "Ideas Worth Spreading", TEMED is a focused offshoot, a "multi-disciplinary community of innovators and leaders who share a common determination to create a better future in health and medicine." Once a year TEDMED curates an unusual and provocative program that celebrates the "power of unexpected connections to create important new possibilities." A Patient Translations recording booth and art installation accompany an iOS app and website. All allow the public to contribute his or her voice to the artwork, as well as listen to Halsey's evolving audio collage of music and voices.

The work has been generously commissioned by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Mad*Pow, BostonCHI, and John Snow, Inc (JSI).


TEDMED Blog post by Stacy Lu, April 9, 2013
"... the topic of health lends itself to poignant storytelling. 'There is anxiety and fear for what’s going to happen to yourself or people you love. It’s these sort of moments where people are really to express a lot about who they are as individuals,' Burgund says. The work also gave the artists a chance to portray a universal though often hidden experience, they say."

WBUR CommonHealth Blog post Translating Your Medical Story Instantly Into Audio Art by Carey Goldberg, June 28, 2013
"You won’t be regaled with a beginning-to-end story of, say, a heart attack from first twinge to hospital to recovery. Rather, you’ll be immersed in bits and pieces of human experience, all united by one concept: what it’s like to be a patient."



Kelly Sherman

Daniel and Kelly
Ink and charcoal on paper
16 x 20 inches

MassArt's 24th Annual Benefit Art Auction
The Massachusetts College of Art
The Sandra and David Bakalar Gallery & The Stephen D. Paine Gallery
Saturday, April 13, 2013
Doors open at 6:30 pm

April 2013. A new piece will be for sale at the MassArt Annual Benefit Art Auction, which is one of the largest visual art auctions in New England and "a destination for collectors seeking to view and purchase exceptional contemporary art in a festive environment." Over its twenty-three year history, the auction has raised millions of dollars to support student scholarships, academic programming, and participating artists. This study shares features with a few different series that I'm currently working on: couples in silhouette, intricate line drawing, and a honeycomb pattern that I just can't shake.



Patient Translations
Healthcare Experience Design Conference
Monday, March 25, 2013

March 2013. Sound artist Halsey Burgund and I collaborate to create an audio and visual artwork about the experience of being a patient. Patient Translations debuts at the Healthcare Experience Design Conference, whose mission is to put the patient at the forefront of design innovation in healthcare. A recording booth and visual installation accompany an iOS app and website. All allow the public to contribute his or her voice to the artwork, as well as listen to Halsey's evolving audio collage of music and voices.

The work has been generously commissioned for the conference by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Mad*Pow, BostonCHI, and John Snow, Inc (JSI).



Conversations Around Drawing, Room A204
School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Monday, February 11, 2013 at 6pm

February 2013. I've bene invited to speak at the Museum School as part of the SMFA's Visiting Artist Program and in conjunction with a course titled Conversations Around Drawing. Other artists in the lecture series include Sandra Allen, Ria Brodell, Candice Ivy, Andrea Sherrill Evans, Bill Flynn, Raul Gonzalez, and Karen Moss. Each 90 minute session will be divided between lecture and discussion, and is free and open to the public. Check the SMFA calendar for individual dates for the other artists.



Kelly Sherman
horizon, 2003
Graphic tape and vinyl lettering on layered vellum
24 x 36 inches

Drive-By Projects
January 10–February 23, 2013
Opening reception January 16, 6–8pm
Saturday with the Artists event February 2, 1–4pm

January 2013. Drive-By Projects and curators Beth Kantrowitz and Kathleen O'Hara present Diagram, an exhibition of works on paper by John O'Connor, Janet Cohen, Andrew Mowbray, and myself. The pieces in the exhibition deconstruct and visualize events, systems, and patterns significant to each artist, whether they are a scheme to decipher the lottery, the plays of the 2004 World Series, mindfully dissected writings, or a toss of the dice. While the two works of mine of view are older, they have never before been exhibited and offered me such a nice opportunity to reflect on my continuing love of sentence diagrams. Andrew Mowbray and I will discuss our work on February 2nd at Saturday with the Artists. All events are free and open to the public.

Boston Globe article by Cate McQuaid, January 22, 2013
"...a breezy, nerdy group show at Drive-By Projects, spotlights artists who map and systematize. ... Kelly Sherman diagrams her own poetry. Horizon plays along horizontal and diagonal lines, through layers of vellum, so that the image gracefully underlines the text’s content."



Kelly Sherman
Gouache and pencil on paper
16 x 20 inches

Annual AIDS Benefit Exhibition
Barbara Krakow Gallery
December 1–8, 2012

December 2012. The Barbara Krakow Gallery hosts their annual exhibition to benefit the treatment of AIDS. All artworks—from local and internationally recognized artists—are available for a $350 donation to the Boston Pediatric Aids Intitiative or The African Aids Initiative. The event is free and open to the public.


MassChallenge 2012 Finalist
Social Impact Start-Up: New Art Love +!<3
June – October, 2012

June 2012. With the support of the the world's largest startup accelerator, MassChallenge, I joined ARTMORPHEUS founder and director Liora Beer to found and launch New Art Love, a social impact organization dedicated to creating meaningful connections between artists and art-lovers. As MassChallenge finalists we joined other "high-impact, early-stage entrepreneurs" in a waterfront co-working space with breaktaking views of Boston Harbor to receive incredible levels of support, mentorship, and community—all with no strings attached. A huge thank you to the MassChallenge organization, community, and dedicated team of mentors, as well as the other individuals in the art and design communities who helped bring New Art Love to life.



Installation view of exhibition and the series Brides

CTRL+P: New Directions in Printmaking
Arlington Center for the Arts,
in collaboration with The Studio Visit
Curated by Julie Chae & Kristina Bilonick
June 22nd – September 16th, 2012
Opening reception June 23rd, 6–9 PM

June 2012. I will be part of a group exhibition on contemporary conceptual printmaking at the Arlington Center for the Arts in collaboration with The Studio Visit. Curators Julie Chae and Kristina Bilonick have been invited to develop tandem exhibitions exploring the theme of "print". A series of related classroom activities and public programming will run concurrently with the exhibitions. The Studio Visit has assigned two writers, Matthew Smith and Joren Lindholm, to document the curators through this process. This documentation will develop into online journal entries on The Studio Visit website and a printed catalog produced by Arlington Center for the Arts and The Studio Visit.

Read Julie Chae's curatorial statement here. Artists in the exhibit include: Anne Albagli, Jordan Bernier, Melissa Brown, Paul Chan, Kris Chatterson, Brian Chippendale, Billy Colbert, Vince Contarino, Christopher Davison, E.V. Day, Anthony Dihle, Kyle Durrie, Jeremy Flick, Tim Gibbon, Jungil Hong, Gary Kachadourian, Byron Kim, Steve Lambert, Hugh Leeman, Glenn Ligon, Marie Lorenz, Esperanza Mayobre, Serena Perrone, Gretchen Schermerhorn & Franc Rosario, Rob Swainston, and Barbara Takenaga.

Washington Post article Washington’s best art gallery shows of 2012 by Mark Jenkins, December 7, 2012
"...After reviewing about 200 local exhibitions in 2012 — and seeing many more than that — selecting the best was daunting. These 10 were certainly among the strongest, but they also represented the impressive breadth of art shown this year in a city open to both classicism and conceptualism... Customary expectations for prints were literally blown up by this wide-ranging group exhibition, which featured much wall-size work. Despite its keyboard-inspired name, this was not a show of computer-generated prints. Beside more recent techniques and technologies, the selection included examples of such traditional forms as woodcut and letterpress. The attitude, however, was experimental and contemporary."

Huffington Post article by Liz Markus, July 20, 2012
"...a large, dynamic exhibition that explores new directions in printmaking. [Curators] Julie and Kristina brought different perspectives and approaches to organizing the show, but both shared an interest in artists who rethink the traditional notion of printmaking as multiples and whose works exhibit stunning technical skill in printmaking."

Printeresting article by Amze Emmons, September 5, 2012
"In a year of great print shows, Ctrl + P will undoubtedly be in many top ten lists... The exhibition does a good job of exploring the edges of print media, by focusing on artists who are approaching this discipline through non-traditional processes or tangential forms."



President's Gallery
Massachusetts College of Art & Design
May – September, 2012

May 2012. I'm excited to return to my alma mater to send off this year's graduates and echo the college's appropriate slogan, "MassArt made me fearless." Preceding me on stage will be Dawn Barrett, the college's new president and former dean of Architecture and Design at RISD, as well as the fascinating neurologist Frank Wilson, and type designer Matthew Carter of renowned fonts such as Bell Centennial, Big Caslon, Verdana and Tahoma. A selection of my artwork will join Carter's in the President's Office Gallery and will be on view into September.



Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled (Lover Boys), 1991.
Candies individually wrapped in clear wrapping, endless supply.
Overall dimensions vary withinstallation.
Ideal weight: 355 lbs.
Courtesy of Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York.
© The Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation.
Photo: Boston Phoenix.

Kelly Sherman on Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Figuring Color: Kathy Butterly, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Roy McMakin, Sue Williams
Institute of Contemporary Art / Boston
February 26, 2012

February 2012. I will be giving an informal gallery talk on the work of conceptual artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres, one of the artists whose work is featured in the ICA exhibition Figuring Color. It is such a pleasure to have the opportunity to talk about Gonzalez-Torres' bold and powerful work. I will be approaching the talk as an artist who also aims to imbue ordinary objects with emotion and sentiment, tell stories of love and loss, and use restraint as a tool for drama. Figuring Color: Kathy Butterly, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Roy McMakin, Sue Williams is organized by Senior Curator Jenelle Porter and will be on view through May 20, 2012.

Audio clips from the talk are posted below.

Audio clip 1: Intro, creating space in artwork

Audio clip 2: Artist as host

Audio clip 3: Daring to do so little

Audio clip 4: Making the erotic comfortable and inviting

Audio clip 5: Choices, constraints, and design criteria

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled (Blood),1992.
Installation with plastic beads & metal rod.
Photo: Boston Phoenix.



Experience Economies 6: Innovate or Die
The Lab at Harvard
February 18, 2012

February 2012. The Lab at Harvard presents Experience Economies 6: Innovate or Die.

Why innovate? Experience Economies will ask this very question on a participatory tour of Boston's innovation landscape. This multimedia and multi-venue event will bring audiences inside the doors of some of the most unique and visionary ventures, foundations, and research laboratories in the region, engines at the leading edge of the emergent innovation economy. Each stop has been paired with artworks, performances, presentations and other surprise events exploring innovation — how it is conceptualized, pursued and lived in Boston and Cambridge, now and historically. Experience Economies 6: Innovate or Die will include presentations by myself, as well as artists Catherine McMahon, Mary Walling Blackburn, historian of science Jeremy Blatter, and a number of surprise guests. With thanks for the support of partners at the Berwick Research Institute, Harvard i-lab, Continuum, Boston ArtScience Prize, and Industry Lab.

ArtPapers review by Ruth Erickson, May/June 2012
"...Continuum, an "innovation consultancy company." This suburban office park meets hip design, where smart, young employees come up with novel ways for companies to sell stuff, tending toward the experiential, the environmental, and the performative. Kelly Sherman's and Catherine McMahon's projects played off these ideas. Sherman utilized consumer interview and research methods in order to engage a group of students in addressing teen violence. She used diagrams and Post-it notes to document the team-based process on large boards, masterfully mixing visual idioms of community activism, administration, and graphic design."

Shift review by Elizabeth Tereshko, February 21, 2012
"The piece by Kelly Sherman was "recognized" by colorful post-its, a medium used in the brainstorming sessions and also in office culture... Ms. Sherman presents a work developed by applying innovation methods to the creation of an artwork addressing social violence in Roxbury. A cross-disciplinary project positioned at the confluence of art and innovation, Ms. Sherman's project traces the common "social turns" that both worlds have undertaken, emerging from studio and laboratory environments to address major social issues."

Crimson review by Jay A. Drummond III, February 28, 2012
"Each stop on the Innovate or Die tour was meant to examine or critique the concept of innovation from a different angle... Kelly Sherman, artist and strategist at Continuum, showed posters detailing her collaboration with art teacher Aziza Robinson-Goodnight and the Design Studio for Social Intervention, a Boston social service group. Their project, Sherman explained, aimed to confront violence in the school system by creating a performance piece incorporating students' definitions of a "fight" and its causes."


Kelly Sherman

Line Study #3, 2011
Ink on paper
17 x 17 1/8 inches

Annual AIDS Benefit Exhibition
Barbara Krakow Gallery
December 10–17, 2011

December 2011. The Barbara Krakow Gallery hosts their annual exhibition to benefit the treatment of AIDS. All artworks—from local and internationally recognized artists—are available for a $350 donation to the Boston Pediatric Aids Intitiative or The African Aids Initiative. The event is free and open to the public.


Kelly Sherman

Performance still from The Labyrinth, Madison Park

The Labyrinth, Madison Park
Madison Park Public School
Design Studio for Social Intervention

September 2011. Labyrinth: Madison Park was social intervention on the grounds of Madison Park High School in Roxbury, Massachusetts, that took place during the opening week of school. The intervention took the form of a five-actor performance and was supported by community members who engaged the crowd in dialogue and distributed custom-made buttons. A thirty-foot pavement mural was left behind on the property as a remnant of the event. The intervention was conceived of during an intensive artist residency at the Design Studio for Social Intervention, in an extension of the Design Studio's ongoing anti-violence campaign. Leveraging the design research approach that I use as a Strategist at Continuum, I worked closely with a number of people deeply familiar with violence, the organization's staff, and a team of high school interns. The project was an experiment in merging art, social activism, and the design research process to address a complex social problem with integrity.


Let's Flip It
Design Studio for Social Intervention

July 2011. This month I kick off an intensive artist residency at the Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI), which is a "space for artists, activists, academics and other social interventionists to reframe, reimagine, and reinvigorate the possibilities of the non-profit sector." While there, I'll be working with a team of nine high school interns—part of Youth Activism Design Institute's effort to "place the youth most affected by violence at the center of the efforts to bring an end to violence." Leveraging the design research approach that I use as a Strategist at Continuum, we will conduct surveys and one-on-one interviews with individuals who are in the crosshairs of social violence in Boston. In an extension of their ongoing campaign Let's Flip It, we will work to create a meaningful "intervention" that will address social violence and resonate within the community.

To connect with the larger Let's Flip It campaign, find us on Facebook.


Kelly Sherman

Magazine Bride #14
Gouache and pencil on paper
16 x 20 inches

MassArt's 22nd Annual Benefit Art Auction
The Massachusetts College of Art
The Sandra and David Bakalar Gallery & The Stephen D. Paine Gallery
Saturday, April 9, 2011
Doors open at 6:30 pm

April 2011. A piece from my Magazine Brides series will be for sale at the MassArt Annual Benefit Art Auction, which is the college's signature fundraising event. Every year, it generates resources in support of scholarships, faculty development, exhibitions, and visual arts programs for urban youth and other Boston-area residents. Last year's auction raised more than $600,000. The auction features work in a variety of media by nationally and internationally known artists, emerging artists, as well as MassArt alumni, faculty, and students. Overall, more than three hundred pieces are included in the auction each year.


2010 & 2009 IDEA Award Presentations
IDSA Boston
Wentworth Institute of Technology
6 pm on December 1st, 2010

December 2010. IDSA Boston will be honoring area IDEA award winners from 2010 and 2009. I will be presenting Colorblind, a Continuum project I worked on for a year; its goal was to understand how people think and feel about the environment, so that businesses and designers alike can make informed strategies for sustainability. The project won Continuum a Gold IDEA award for research in 2009. Other IDEA award winners will be presenting as well, including folks from Bose, New Balance, IDEO, Axis 1 Golf, and litl.


Kelly Sherman

Drawing for the Couples series
Mixed media with ink, watercolor, gouache
and enamel on paper

Annual AIDS Benefit Exhibition
Barbara Krakow Gallery
December 11–17, 2010

December 2010. The Barbara Krakow Gallery hosts their annual exhibition to benefit the treatment of AIDS. All artworks—from local and internationally recognized artists—are available for a $350 donation to the Boston Pediatric Aids Intitiative or The African Aids Initiative. The event is free and open to the public.


Golden Arrows residency at Gallery 263
Opening Party at 6 pm on December 13th, 2010

December 2010. Graphic design cooperative Golden Arrows has installed an exhibition of wallpaper patterns from artists and designers alike. It'll be on view for the duration of their residency at Gallery 263. I've been deep in pattern research myself and thought the timing uncanny. Merely a sketch for a project that's in the works, my simple Kinko's print pales in comparision to some of the lush wallpapers on view by other artists and designers, including Betsy Robichaud, Melinda Cross, Anika Ahlberg, Ernesto Morales, Chris Maggio, Courtney Moy, Nerissa Cooney, Alex Hage, Autumn Ahn, Annie Newbold, Nathaniel Fink, Michelle Moon Lee and more.



The Public: A Work in Progress
Design Studio for Social Intervention
6 pm on November 27th, 2010

November 2010. The dynamic Design Studio for Social Intervention is hosting what they're calling a "creative R&D project about imagining new kinds of public infrastructure." Panelists include Mike Edwards, Distinguished Senior Fellow at Demos; Monique Harden, Founder of Advocates for Environmental Human Rights; and Hiroko Kikuchi, public and performance artist. Come join me for what will certainly be an interesting evening of thinking both critically and creatively about government and civil society. I'll be participating on the Design Team to help ensure the conversation veers toward the creative.


Degree Project: Senior Research Class
Heather Reavey, Visiting Professor
Industrial Design Department, Massachusetts College of Art & Design
September 27, 2010

September 2010. I love MassArt: I can visit one day to talk about my art practice and another day to talk about design research. For this particular visit, I'll be helping Industrial Design seniors hone their design strategy, envisioning, and storytelling skills.


Senior Seminar
Matthew Hincman, Assistant Professor
Sculpture Department, Massachusetts College of Art & Design
September 15, 2010

September 2010. While this is a closed-door lecture to the students in MassArt's Sculpture Department's Senior Seminar, I thought I'd post my presentation here nonetheless. Stay posted, it'll be forthcoming.


At Work: A Conversation About Art(ists) Work(ing)
Design Studio for Social Intervention
6 pm on April 7, 2010

April 2010. At Work is a dinner conversation about art and work, conceived by independent curator Rebecca Uchill and hosted by the Design Studio for Social Intervention, a "space for artists, activists, academics and other social interventionists to reframe, reimagine, and reinvigorate the possibilities of the non-profit sector." Participating along with me is Meg Rotzel, the Program Coordinator at MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies, whose art and work are as conflated as mine. Meg and I will discuss the many ways our "art-work" and "work-work" coincide and inform one another. Also featured is Art Work: A National Conversation About Art, Labor, and Economics, a project by Temporary Services. It's a pot-luck dinner, so come prepared to share ideas, stories, and food.



Sandra & Gerald Fineberg Art Wall
Institute of Contemporary Art / Boston
January 16 – February 7, 2010

January 2010. The ICA brings Wish Lists out from their collection archives for a month-long installation in the museum's main lobby.

"Kelly Sherman creates poignant conceptual statements out of the infinite, mundane online postings. With lists she found searching the Internet, Sherman assembles spare yet evocative “portraits” of individual and collective desire. Their ranging requests—from the nondescript to the minutely specific, from the prosaic to the poetic—hint at the identity, age, and social circumstance of each author. By presenting the lists in a uniform, simple fashion, Sherman highlights the emotive potential of these anonymous wants and needs."


REACH for the Stars...Transform a Life Artist & Celebrity Auction
REACH Beyond Domestic Violence
November 5, 2009 6–9 pm

November 2009. The sixth annual auction to benefit the non-profit organization REACH, helping them sustain their programs and services for women, men, and children affected by domestic violence. Preview the work online.


Kelly Sherman

Margaret Sofa in Oasis,2009
Inkjet print
16 x 24 inches
Edition of 5

Success & Happiness
Barbara Krakow Gallery
May 30, 2009 – July 3, 2009
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 30th, 3–5 pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, June 20th, 2 pm

April 2009. The Barbara Krakow Gallery will present Success & Happiness, a solo exhibition of my current work, which includes prints, photography, and paintings. The opening reception is from 3 to 5 pm on Saturday, May 30th, and the artist talk is at 2 pm on Saturday June 20th. All events are free and open to the public. Preview the work online.

Installation views. PHOTO CREDIT: Rajesh Bilimoria


Boston Globe review by Cate McQuaid, June 17, 2009
"June brides may want to steer clear of Kelly Sherman's show "Success & Happiness" at Barbara Krakow Gallery. It features a thoughtful deconstruction of the iconography and packaging of the modern bride. That princess-for-a-day role can be challenging enough to live up to. Seeing this exhibit could trigger a bridal identity crisis. … None of Sherman's work is a simple critique of advertising. Nor is she calling us out for our naked longing for deep, sink-in hospitality. This work prompts us to shed the trappings of sales and stories and return to the elusive essence of desire as something that reveals us, and keeps us moving forward."

New England Journal of Aesthetic Research review by Greg Cook, July 3, 2009
"Boston conceptual artist Kelly Sherman continues to plumb the disconnect between our consumerist culture and our craving for human connection in her new show "Success & Happiness" at Boston’s Barbara Krakow Gallery."

All rights reserved © Kelly Sherman.