Madison Park High School, Roxbury, MA
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The Labyrinth: Madison Park

A mural, performance event, and social intervention

The Labyrinth

was a social intervention that took the form of a public mural and performance event on the grounds of Madison Park High School in Roxbury, MA. It was a collaboration with the Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI) and the result of extensive design research with people deeply familiar with violence, the DS4SI staff, and a team of high school interns. The event was an extension of the organizationís ongoing anti-violence campaign titled "Letís Flip It" and centered around five actors representing a child, teenager, adult, elder, and officer. Together they reenacted the different stages of a fight on top of a thirty-foot painted labyrinth, an ancient tool for meditation. The event was supported by youth volunteers who represented local neighborhoods, engaged passersby in dialogue, and distributed materials related to the anti-violence campaign. Among the materials they shared were custom made buttons with quotes from community members who had participated in

The Labyrinth